For as long as I can remember, whenever I got to drive through Franconia Notch and the White Mountains of NH, I would always look forward to seeing the Old Man of the Mountain high atop Cannon Mountain, but in 2003, his face fell off.  The natural rock formation that had been the symbol of NH for so long just collapsed.

The people of NH, myself included, were devastated.  The Old Man WAS New Hampshire.  We have it on our street signs, our license plates, our coins.... The Old Man of the Mountain's profile was everywhere in the 603.

It took quite some time, but the last stages of an Old Man Memorial is finally complete.

This past weekend, according to a story from the Associated Press, Governor Sununu and other officials were at a ceremony celebrating the completion of the project.  The last parts being a fishing area and a pathway.

Dick Hamilton, a past President of the Legacy fund that was set up for the Memorial was at the event this past weekend and he said,

We hope we can find some dedicated people to carry it on.  Right now, the Friends group has six members and we hope to expand that considerably, especially with young people who have an affinity for the park.


The volunteers of the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund would educate people on the history of the Old Man and keep his memory alive. I know I speak as if he was a real person, but every one who grew up in NH did.  He's our Old Man.



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