Closeup of a large male moose buck

It’s New England, there are plenty of Places to See a Moose

The only place I don’t want to see a moose is on the highway.  I understand they are slow, lumbering creatures, and they are so large that the eyes don’t glow in your headlights so when I am on a super dark highway.  A bit of googling on the internet and I found a great way to find moose.  I’m planning on going on a moose safari.

What is a Moose Safari?

People travel thousands of miles to see zebras, elephants, and tigers in the wilds of Africa.  They spend thousands of dollars on those trips also.  There is so much of America to explore and I have always wanted to see a moose up close.

I found a place called Northwoods Outfitters that will take you on a Moose Tour!  They are located in Maine.  I know with the lockdowns and such I will have to make reservations at least 30 days in advance.

I came across a site called that lists all kinds of activities you can do outdoors and where the best places to see a Moose are.

Where to See the Moose

According to, the best place is to head on up to Arcadia National Park or Baxter State Park.  I also learned that moose are most likely to be seen around dawn and dusk.

The best time of year is May through July for a Moose sighting, the website states.  They mate in the fall so I don’t want to run into one during mating season.  I hear they can be quite dizzy with love and cause some damage.

One thing I know for sure, I do not want to stumble upon one on my own.

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