The more I read about Portsmouth Escape Room, the more intrigued I am by this fun challenge. And I happen to know someone who tried it and never escaped.

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Portsmouth Escape Room

95 Brewery Lane #13 Portsmouth NH

They have four game rooms that each have a one hour time limit to 'escape'.

You can have up to 2 to 10 players depending on the challenge.

The person who I know was invited to a party and found himself frantically searching 'Westower's Study' for an extremely valuable necklace.

They were not successful.

'You go into the room and get a backstory and then they explain that you get clues and stuff and you can also find extra clues.


After an hour, they send you on your way'


- Anonymous Portsmouth Escape Room Visitor

Apparently, nobody on his team is going to rival the great Sherlock Holmes but, he said everybody had a blast.

Interestingly enough, Portsmouth Escape Club will work remotely and set up mobile escape rooms at your location!

They currently have two of them, one with a tropical island theme and one that has a more NH themed hike escape.

Their website is really cool as it gives you the escape ratio of every room.

The difficulty of 'The Roswell Incident' is a mind numbing as it currently has a 56% failure rate.

I shouldn't be too mean to 'Anonymous Portsmouth Escape Room Visitor', as 48% of the people who have visited 'Westower's Study' never escape either.

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, this sounds like a perfect place to check out for some Halloween season fun.

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