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Associated Press via YouTube

When Life Throws You Sharks, Market Shark Tourism

With more and more great white shark sightings each year of the coast of New England, instead of being fearful, some have taken to making a living out of shark tourism per reporting on

I mean it makes sense, every year I watch shark week and I see them taking filmmakers out off the coast of South Africa boats to capture images of great white sharks.

They have my attention.  I think it’s a brilliant idea to do that here.

Charter Boats Taking Visitors Out to See Sharks

According to, there is a growing group of charter boat operators that are taking advantage of the shark presence off the coast of Cape Cod and transporting visitors out to sea to witness nature’s majesty of great white sharks swimming in our waters.

I really want to take one of these tours and see a great white shark in the water.

And it doesn’t end at shark tours. Local merchants are cashing in on the sharks with shark-themed t-shirts, hoodies, and even jewelry.

Patrick Clarke, who owns Cape Clasp, tells “It feels like we’re on the trajectory of it being a point of pride for Cape Cod. A lot of the initial fear and hysteria was the fear of the unknown, but we’re learning more and more about them every year.”

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Helps

The folks at the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy help provide information about the sharks off the Cape.  They have a newly renovated Shark Center that can tell you everything you need to know about the great white sharks off the Cape.   They even talk about why their work of tagging and tracking sharks is so important.

The more we learn about shark behavior, the safer it will be to co-exist with them.

Hopefully, the producers of Shark Week will get the news that the Cape is a hot spot for the sharks and come film here.

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