This past weekend, I went to Boston for a show and decided to take the bus from Dover to South Station.  There were so many unexpected things that happened like, I lost the cash I was going to bring.  (I dropped it in my yard that morning and found it when I returned home, miraculously enough) The bus dropped me off at South Station and since I didn't have cash, I thought I could try Uber.  That didn't work either.  Uber said it already had my account, but I had never signed up for it before and I didn't have time to figure it out.  I decided to take a taxi from South Station to Boylston Street.

The taxi driver asked me if I wouldn't mind being dropped off about a block from the address I had given him.  I said yes, that would be fine, so off I went.  I immediately saw a Starbucks and ducked in for a cup of tea and a snack.  When I came out, I was a bit turned around to where I was, so I put my GPS on and it promptly sent me in the opposite direction.

As it turns out, big cities and tall buildings all around confuse the hell out of my walking GPS system.  It just kept saying "re-routing" and then it died because it was too cold.

I found my way to the Mandarin Hotel on Boylston where they could NOT have been nicer, charged my phone and pointed me in the right direction.  I kind of felt like a country bumpkin, but I met some nice people, homeless and not, in the streets of Boston and learned a valuable lesson:  My walking GPS doesn't work on Boylston Street.

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