Usually, I don't go near the thermostat until at least after Columbus Day. Last night there was quite a chill in the living room for some Sunday night TV.

I was tempted to turn the heat on. Then I realized. The sun just went down and all our windows were still up.

It's great to have 'em open and let that fresh fall air in when it's still fairly warm during the day. But when the night falls, boy doesn't the temp drop some awful quick.

Luckily after we go the house all sealed shut, we were able to keep it right around 70. Checked it this morning too and she stayed right there.

With early fall bringing us warm days and cool nights, it's tough to agree with the rest of the family on when it's really time to turn on the thermostat...right?

The struggle is real for everyone in Blimpville year after year. How long can we go without crankin' up the boiler?

New Hampshire humorist and musician Fred Marple of the underappreciated town of Frost Heaves has a funny song for us that laments "It's Too Soon to Put the Heat On".

If you're still cold in my house, put a freakin' hoodie on, bub.

"The layered look, it works for you."



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