Nature and wildlife can be funny sometimes, as a New Hampshire couple realized when a Hungryroot food delivery went missing from their front steps.

Last year, Dave DiMatteo posted this security camera video to the u local New Hampshire Facebook group, and people got an absolute kick out of it.

The footage shows a bear strolling up to the front steps of Dave's home, where the box of food is sitting. After examining the delivery off-camera, the hungry bear decides to help him or herself, picks it up, and carries it off.

Dave DiMatteo @u local New Hampshire via Facebook
Dave DiMatteo @u local New Hampshire via Facebook

The video is funny to watch, but the aftermath is even more amusing. Thanks to the comments section, we know exactly what happened to all that food. It turns out that this bear is a picky eater, according to Dave: ended up in the woods next to our house. And the only thing he ate was 3 apples and 2 packs of blueberries. He left behind chicken, fish, cookies, and all sorts of other stuff. But he sure did a good job of ripping it apart and spreading all over the woods.

It makes sense that the bear would gravitate towards the fruit, but who has cookies at their disposal and says no to them? There are some things that this writer will never understand.

As for Dave, he was eventually refunded by Hungryroot after they saw the footage. He's also being proactive by "changed the door knob to one with a security code so FedEx could put it (the box) inside." So, fingers crossed he won't have any more four-legged thieves approaching his house.

To watch the video, click here.

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