Behold the raw power and force of human innovation taking on Mother Nature.

The United States Coast Guard Sector Northern New England posted this very cool video of one of their vessels ice breaking on the Penobscot River. However, it wasn't just a joyride for the Coasties. The ice breaking is actually extremely important.

The ice clearing is part of Operation Reliable Energy for Northeast Winters. The Coast Guard News explains the operation as

the Coast Guard’s region-wide effort to ensure communities across the Northeast from New York to Maine have the security, supplies, energy and emergency resources they need throughout the winter.

Many of those resources, according to the Coast Guard News, are extremely important to the Northeast, especially home heating oil. Nearly 90% of that oil comes by ship on a waterway that's maintained by the Coast Guard.

The video that the Sector Northern New England posted is of a 65-foot ice breaking tug. According to the Coast Guard News, that is one of two types of vessels used for the operation, with the other being 140-foot mammoths.

The video is quite a show of force. According to the Coast Guard, the 65-foot tugs have a top speed of 10 knots and can break ice up to 12 inches thick. The tugs were built back in the 1960's, and are still in operation from Maine down to Virginia.

Thank you to the Coast Guard for sharing this video. It's great to see heroes in action, whether it be breaking ice or supporting a struggling vessel.

For more information on the Sector Northern New England, you can visit their website.

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