Hot Bear Summer continues in New England. And with temperatures north of 90 and air quality from the Canadian wildfires falling somewhere between the lungs of Denis Leary and late '80s Lucy, it was just a matter of time before a bear decided adult swim was over – and a bear bob was just beginning.

A family in Carver opened their blinds to see a bear going for a swim in its pool. An adventure it may have pulled off…had it not tried to then eat the pool, as shared by CBS 4 Boston:

New Englanders should brace for some potential bear visits, especially after 100 bears were recently set free into the wild. And if you don’t want bears showing up in your lawn, the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department suggests removing this common lawn ornament until the holidays.

But what do you do if you encounter a bear? The pool owner in Carver pretty much did what you’re supposed to, according to New Hampshire Fish & Game bear expert Andrew Timmins. The keys are to calmly announce your presence to the bear, make a little noise with some pots or pans, and the bear will likely be on his way.

But Timmins did have a warning for dog-owners:

“When we have issues between bears and dogs, and the dog acts aggressive and goes after the bear, then the bear turns around and tries to dominate the dog, and chases the dog. And what usually happens with most of these dogs is once it feels like it’s being chased or scared, it runs right back to the owner. So then, suddenly you have a charging bear coming after a dog that’s now hiding between the owner’s legs.”

It’s already been a crazy year for bear and wildlife encounters here in New England…

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