Spin your rear tire at a high rate of speed on asphalt and what happens? A whole lotta smoke and a popped tire. See if you can guess how long it takes to explode!

I entered 'NH burnout' into the search engine of YouTube and 'Voila'!

Instant internal combustion engine mayhem from an undisclosed location of The Granite State.

Despite the 360° walk around that the videographer filmed, I cannot locate exactly in which part of NH that this atomic skid mark was committed.

Adding to the mystery, the wooden stanchion that is used here appears to be very well built AND designed specifically for this purpose.

When the rear tire finally succumbs to the friction, a crowd of at least three people seem very pleased with the inevitable outcome.

As a gambling enthusiast, I can only guess that they had bet that the tire would last in excess of 45 seconds.

For those of you that missed it the first time through, the rear tire popped at exactly :57


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