Prepare to be transported back to the year 1995, at a place that no longer exists and watch a band that all Lilac City residents, including myself, considered the gold standard, The Ron Jones Band. What a great performance!

Google Street View
Google Street View

I turned 21 the year before this show at Colby's and it is killing me that I never went to it.

Thankfully, YouTuber and brilliant flute player D.J. Sterling has shared it and I can relive this great live rendition of one of their originals, entitled, 'Most Of All'. Over and over.

Even more remarkably and according to the write up, Sterling's performance is all improvisational.

Sadly, Colby's would be destroyed by fire in the winter of 2006. Several places have been established there in that general vicinity of Hanson Street, but, in my opinion, none have captured the same great vibe that Colby's possessed.

I was very lucky to have enjoyed many memories there, even though I could barely remember them, even the next day.

This video has been quite the learning experience for me as I always thought the name of this tavern was 'Colby's Ol Place'. Also, I had seen The Ron Jones Band on many occasions, but not once, did I see them with this amazing flute accompaniment.

Usually, my drunken buddies and I would shout our request of the epic Black Sabbath tune 'War Pigs'. Politely at first, and then proceed to grunt like pigs as the night wore on.

I have watched this video four times now, and thankfully, I hear no grunting or squealing from the crowd. Which proves without a doubt I was not in attendance.

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