This crystal clear back porch video of an unlucky NH squirrel being taken out by a NH Bobcat is as breathtaking for the viewer as I imagine it was for the squirrel.

Warning: It's pretty graphic.

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Thanks to Devon Waterman for submitting this video to WMUR-TV as I have never seen a bobcat make a lunch run yet.

Just a few years ago, New Hampshire Fish and Game put out the word that the bobcat population had rebounded to the level where they will start to consider a hunting season.

I remember being upset about this because in 40 plus years, I had never seen one.

Not two years later, when driving in the early morning hours, northbound on Sixth Street just past the Dover Fire Station, THERE IT WAS.

I thought for a half second that it was a coyote because of it's size but it had the unmistakable smooth gait of a feline.

Seriously, that thing was like a big jungle cat and it bounded in front of my car so fast that by the time I hit the brakes, it was a hundred yards into the woods on the other side of the road.

It was going a lot faster than my Nissan Rogue.

Since then, there have been countless videos like the one submitted by Mr. Waterman above (but none quite as clear).

It doesn't identify which city or town this footage was filmed in, but honestly, from the many different photos and sightings that there have been recently, this could literally have been taken anywhere in The Granite State.

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