William Hill US

If you get out your calculator and tabulate the 184 tickets (only at $100 a piece) you come up with a sum of over 2.7 million that will need to be paid out if Atlanta overcomes the historic odds that were set back in September.

By keeping The Patriots at a tempting -3 favorite, a substantial amount of money will continue to flood in until kickoff.

Don't worry, when a champion is crowned Sunday Night, 'you can bet' that the casino cashiers will have more than enough funds on hand to pay any result.

HOWEVER, if The Pats win by only one or two points, Las Vegas casinos could very well take in more money (as well as save millions by not paying the Atlanta futures tickets) than any night in the history of sports!

I don't think I'm in danger of having the city shut down for lack of funds when I visit there in a few weeks.


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