Not so much, "spotted here in NH," more like, I did it on purpose.

There's a weird trend on the internet of stapling bread to trees.  I realize that I have stapled an english muffin to the tree, but technically, that's made up of the same ingredients, is it not?

If you look on Reddit, where the trend may have started, they have all kinds of bread products.  Someone even stapled pizza to a tree.  Well played, pizza friend, well played.

No one seems to know why it started, but I have a couple of theories that may or may not be the case:

1)  Someone wanted to feed the birds and didn't have a bird feeder, so they improvised.

2)  Someone was really stoned and thought it was a funny idea that caught on.

Both plausible theories, are they not?

I would love for this trend to go wild here in NH, ME and MA, so help a sistah out and post your pics!

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