According to a new survey, NH drinks the most beer in the country per person.  Maine comes in 7th and Massachusetts is waaaay down the list at 42nd.

Why?  As with so many things, it comes down to money.  The lack of tax on alcohol in NH makes it a favorite place to buy the suddy suds.

Another factoid from the survey, America as a whole drinks about 6.3 billion gallons of beer every year.  WOW!

Utah came in dead last.  Could be because that state has a large Mormon population and part of their rules is no alcohol consumption, however, it's 2020.  Do they follow the rules that precisely?


My co-host Aaron says

I don't drink a lot of beer and this year, I haven't bought any with the way things are going.  However, if I go to someone's house and they have a microbrew, I'm all about it!  It's only something I'll bring to parties.  If I have it at my house, I could see myself drinking the entire six pack alone and sad, on a Friday night and that's just something I don't need to do.

So, as you can see, the beer consumption didn't come from the Train.

It didn't come from me either.  As you must know if you listen to the show, I am a wine drinker.  I do enjoy a glass or two on the weekends, but at this time, I am abstaining from all alcohol as I try to take off the COVID pandemic weight.  What the hell happened to my waistline?  It was here just a minute ago!

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