Massachusetts native, WWE Legend and Movie Star John Cena is an accomplished 'Children's Author'?

His energy was so infectious during this GMA Interview and I find his sense of humor is very much rooted in the land of 102-1.

I wanted to continue to send that message ('Never Give Up') but just like I do in WWE I don't hit people over the head with it, pun intended.


We have this wonderful world of large crazy monster trucks that have a great time in their demo derby.


Underlying themes of self worth, perseverance, confronting fears and being ok with who you are. All of that is there but it's within a cool story of monster trucks wreckin' stuff!-


John Cena WWE Legend ; Author of 'Elbow Grease' Children's Series

Does the following quote sound like someone who spent twenty years getting his brains bashed out in the squared circle?

It makes me feel a bit of guilt with my go to line when it comes to professional wrestling, 'I was a huge fan of it, then I turned 9.'

Not to mention, envious of this guy that grew up just a half hour away, barely over the Mass border who entered the highly competitive and dangerous world of wrestling, to reach it's highest level.

THEN, transition seamlessly into acting, both action AND comedy AND do that at the very highest level. AND grab a few million dollar endorsement deals on the way.

All while delivering a positive message to generations of kids along the way.

His latest installment of 'Elbow Grease' is available at all major booksellers today.

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