I love the Westminster Dog Show, 2 nights of K-9 excellence, perfectly scheduled during the longest stretch of sports boredom(Olympics included). If you've never watched it, I will very briefly describe the three subsets of pooches you will see. Little dogs, big dogs(real dogs) and dogs that look like their heads are wirebrushes.

Getty Images/John Moore

The little dog pictured above is "Banana Joe" an Affenpinscher and last year's "Best in Show" which is the ultimate champion of the two night event. While he is definitely a cute little guy, I can still remember being disappointed that the English sheep dog didn't win. I like big dogs and nothing would get my affen in a pinch like ANOTHER little dog winning it this year.

Who is my number one dog, every year, no matter what?

Getty Images/Michael Loccisano

In the red corner, weighing 200 lbs., the British earthquake and Imperial Ruler Drooler, The Olde English Mastiff!!!!

Every year the crowds collectively hold their breath hoping that this dog doesn't accidently bowl over it's handler during the run. All Mastiffs are great, the Neopolitan Mastiff is better known as Fang from the Harry Potter movies and the Bull Mastiff is actually a smaller breed of the Olde English, for those of you that might prefer a dog that is less likely to run directly through the walls of your house.

There's a Granite State connection this year, The Chinook, a new breed finally allowed at the big dance after it was originally bred here in New Hampshire in the 1920's.

Check it out tonight at 8PM on CNBC and then tomorrow at 8PM on USA Networks. And do me a favor, root for the dogs that not only couldn't fit in a breadbox, but could crush it into splinters and dust.