Since Fish is on vaca in Our Nation's Capital, the outcome of this exciting season of our NFL Post-Season Picks was in peril! Then I texted him and he texted me right back and the drama ended as soon as it began. Fish's current Post-Season Picks record stands at a very solid 4-4-2 and my record is a very squalid 3-5-2.

Getty Images/Stefan Zaklin

This is an actual picture of Fish making his pick...he's hiding behind the 3rd oak tree on the right.

I AM STILL ALIVE!!! If I pick against Fish and win, then we are tied! The tiebreaker will be the official coin toss of The Big they say...whoever they are... It All Comes Down To This!!!

Fish's Picks

Seattle +2 1/2 and Tails for the possible Tiebreak

Train's Pick

Denver -2 1/2 and Heads for the possible Tiebreak

On a personal note, this Big Game full of misery with 2 of my least favorite sportsmen (Mr. Manning and Mr. Carroll) is a perfect matchup for the dreary 5 weeks of losing and mediocrity that this segment has provided. Fish and I assure you that this shall not happen again and next year we will bounce back strong and dominate all football picks that happen in months that end with a Y. *

*There are no games in May or July**

**Ok, sometimes The Hall of Fame Game is played in July but nobody cares about that