The excitement of the NFL post-season is here and in celebration, Fish and I will be picking the teams we think will win and/or not lose by a very important amount of points. As for me, I think this is an odd Wild Card weekend, in that the very important amount of points will not matter much at all.

Train Picks

INDY beats KC; New Orleans beats Philly; Cincy beats SD; San Fran beats GB. All victories will exceed the very important amount of points.

Fish Picks

Indy beats KC; Philly beats New Orleans; Cincy beats SD (but not by 7 or more and some people think this is important); San Fran beats GB.

We'll keep a running tally of wins and losses and there will be no prize awarded to whomever has more wins...because that would be some sort of gambling...and I find that depraved activity as deeply offensive.