Even though Fish had a good weekend picking games, I think his picture above is a perfect way to put yesterday's NFL Wild Card game between Dallas and Detroit in perspective.

Getty Images/Leon Halip

It left the viewer asking "What call just happened? Did what I see just happen? Or happen and then not be declared that it happened after it was reversed?" If the preceding quote made no sense, that was my intention. The referee crew in Dallas made even less sense than I just did. Move over "Fail Mary" you have company in the officiating Hall of Shame.

Fish and I both won with Carolina beating Arizona and Fish had a perfect Saturday as the underdog Ravens beat Pittsburgh. I then tied the score with The Indianapolis Colts beating the Bengals and then Fish bounced back as The Cowboys won (but did not cover 6 1/2 points) just as he predicted.

My mediocre 2-2 score sits one full game behind his 3-1 lead and Fish will now have an entire week of vacation to focus his concentration while I hope to bounce back at a tremendous disadvantage. Can you even stand to wait another 5 days before the next round?