Another weekend of football, and another sad display of pigskin prognostication from yours truly.

Yes, this is the same stupid picture from Friday because it is the same stupid win-loss record I had this weekend bringing my total to a less than stellar 2-4-2.

Fish, on the other hand, correctly picked 2 games this weekend!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! There's an old radio bit in which the sports guy faces off against an animal in a football picks contest (usually a barnyard animal selecting piles of grain with team names on it) and more often than not, the animal wins.

Getty Images/De Agostini

'Whoa everybody! Harvey the Hereford went 3-1 this weekend while our guy Chuck Uppley went 1-3!! What's the matter Chuck can't you outsmart a cow!?! HAHAHAHA! Goood Morrrrnin' Everybody!!!!!!!!' 

I'm very proud of Fish and his record of 3-3-2... I think there's a good chance he would be in a tie with any animal in the whole barnyard.

But I think this celebration is a bit excessive for a .500 record. 15 yard penalty and an automatic 1st down!!!