According to a story from CBS Boston, a fisherman got more than just fish last week when he came very close to a humpback whale.

The story, with incredible video, shows a humpback whale coming very close to Doug Shatford's boat.  Doug, who says that he is not good shooting video, suspected it was his wife guiding his hand so he could share this incredible experience.  She died of cancer in 2017.

I just love stories that remind of the loved ones that we've lost.  If you don't believe, it really doesn't matter to those of us who do.  When my Mother died, I had to know for a fact that she was still around, so I turned to science.  Energy doesn't go away after we die  That's a fact, Jack.  If it guides our hand while we are filming on a boat, that's another story.  Either way, it's a beautiful memory for Doug and a great video for us!



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