A-Train agreed to go to Hot Yoga with me yesterday and by God, he actually SHOWED UP!  Here's what he had to say about his experience:

"Grueling and exhausting.... When I have an anxiety attack, it is usually socially inspired, at least this was something new..."  haha!!

Also, when I asked him if he will he ever go again, he said:  "Next June, we'll talk about it for 'bring a buddy' day."  That's a hard no.  I'll keep workin' on him.

I don't just like hot yoga, I love it.  When I lived in Manchester, I used to go about 4 times a week.  For me, yoga is a cure all.  You got a pain in your joints?  Hot yoga.  You got a pain in your head?  Hot yoga.  You got a pain in your heart?  DEFINITELY hot yoga.  It's my happy place.  You can't take your phone in to the studio, so no one can get in touch with you for an hour an a half.  That's such a luxury when every other minute is given to something else in your life.

There are hot yoga classes everywhere.  Mine is in Epping.  Come try it!  You might just like it!

One more thing:  If you're a guy, don't wear loose fitting shorts.  There's lots of bending.  You've been warned.

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