Ever driving along and decide you just want to take a different way?

I suppose I really shouldn't admit this but 1) I'm always late as I tend to underestimate how long it will take me to get somewhere, and 2) I also make myself late looking for alternate routes, sometimes to avoid toll roads.

Moving back here to New England and living in Dover, I will always take Route 4 home and get off an exit early on Dover Point Road to avoid the toll. My fiancee's retort, "It's 75 cents! Really?!"

But I do, and part of it is I tend to never have cash/change on me (I love my plastic), and the other part is having to slow down and sometimes wait for the cash/receipt line.


And sometimes I just want to find a different way to get somewhere. Change up the scene, you know?


Either way, you never know what great new driving routes you can find. What are some great driving route hacks you use whether that's taking a back road for the scenery or cutting down on travel time, etc.?

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