Hey don't 'Ewwww' it before you chew it! It was one of the goals to have this delicacy on my last Vegas trip and it did not disappoint. Vegetarians and/or Vegans need not read any further.

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Oxtail Soup!

The Copper Whisk Cafe at my favorite Las Vegas hotel 'The Orleans' has an eclectic menu and I've loved every choice from it that I've made thus far.

There are three variations for recipes of Oxtail Soup and the ingredients provided from the menu suggest that this is Indonesian Style.

Oxtail Soup 14.99
Seasoned Broth, Oxtails, Water Chestnuts, Bamboo Shoots,
Shiitake Mushrooms, Cilantro, Fresh Ginger, Peanuts, Bok Choy,
Served with Steamed Rice

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The Bok Choy is the green cabbage like veggie in the center of the bowl. It must be in season right now because it was ALMOST as good as the dish's namesake.

Seriously, picture the best roast beef you've ever had and multiply that by 100,000. That is how tender and flavorful the meat was in the dish.