You wouldn't think that this kind of mix up could happen, but it did, and right here in The Granite State. And the messages about the safety issues of this error are as mixed as the doses were.

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I feel I must say this about Craig Richards from Lempster, he certainly has a great attitude about this whole snafu.

"I said,


'You did not just give me the wrong shot',


and he bolted!


I don't know if I had a real angry face or what?!"


- Craig Richards from Lempster, New Hampshire

The CDC recommends that if, and when, this mixed dose occurs, a third shot should not be given. Richards was assured that he is 'fully vaccinated', but to what extent he is protected remains a mystery.

Luckily, he feels fine.

There aren't enough instances of this happening to put forth any conclusive proof of protection from future COVID-19 infection.

This will certainly change the way I receive my second shot in a couple weeks, I can tell you that!

On the day of, I may outfit myself in a Pfizer logo T-Shirt and trucker cap and print 'Inject With Pfizer Only' in Sharpie on the upper part of my left deltoid muscle.

I will introduce myself by using the Jedi mind trick and Kevin Nealon's 'Mr. Subliminal' SNL bit all at once.

'Hi Pfizer! I'm Pfizer Aaron Pfizer Lapierre here for my second shot of Pfizer.


Just to let you know, I'll be receiving Pfizer today. Can you double check to make sure that's Pfizer?'


- Aaron Lapierre; on the day of his 2nd Vaccination

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