Thanks to the power of googling "how to," no task is impossible. 

Have a leaky faucet, car that won't start, potato that needs baking? Google how to do these things and you'll be able to master anything.

Just yesterday I googled "how to remove and replace moldy caulk around a bathroom tub." And you know what I did before the Patriots game? Removed moldy caulk. Sometimes I wonder how many other red-blooded Americans attacking a honey-do list are googling the similar things.

Thankfully, a recent study done by, ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to determine which "how-to" questions each state was asking more than any other.


Here are the results for New Hampshire:

  1. How to fall asleep?
  2. How to use Twitter?
  3. How to tip cows?

I don't think any of those would be found on a honey-do list but I decided to take a gander at what the top google search yields when you ask these important questions.

How to fall asleep?


Fascinating! I had no idea there were instructions for sleeping.

How to use Twitter?


How to tip cows?

"If it's a steer, stay clear!"

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