Since I'm The Shark's unofficial bird expert, I'm going to give you my theories as to which NH bird grounded Air Force Two last night.

It was THE National News Story of the night, Vice President Mike Pence's plane was grounded by a bird (or flock of birds) while departing Manchester yesterday evening.

The video footage of this is much better quality when observing it on a larger computer screen with the ability to review it over and over again.

I have suspected 3 different birds since this initially happened and it all due to the optical illusions that happen when 'the mind's eye sees what it wants to see'.

Initially, I saw it on my phone and the grainy footage made me think that it was a seagull as I was convinced I saw an explosion of white plumage.


The 'feathers' were actually bright sparks flying from the engine impact.

When I saw it on TV this morning, it was clearer video and I saw what appeared to be grackles.


The migrating flocks of these birds don't occur for another month. Also the impact was quite high for a bird that mostly feeds on the ground.

Looking at this footage over and over again, my latest theory is that it was a chimney swift.

They often fly in small groups at a high elevation. The best clue is watching how quickly the other bird 'swiftly' avoids the oncoming 757 with a basically a shake and a shimmy.

They survive by making quick twists and flips, a Boeing C-32 is child's play compared to catching a midge fly on a windy day.

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