The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is just days away and the media is going CRAZY with coverage!  I was curious to know what people really think about this wedding, so I took a poll on our Facebook page.

The overwhelming answer was NO, they don't care.

I was surprised to hear A-Train is looking forward to the ceremony this Saturday.  He said that it's a nice thing to wake up to with a nice Earl Grey Tea and a crumpet.  (Which, by the way, if you are wondering what the heck is a crumpet, King Arthur flour has a great recipe.)

A-Train has a point.  With everything going wrong in the world, why not wake up to a wedding filled with stuff that you and me will never be able to afford?  I like the idea of celebrating love.  Harry, at the very least, seems to be head over heels for this woman, so I'm cheering them on!  If they make babies half as cute as William and Kate, they are going to be just fine.

Another reason these two love birds have my attention is the diet that Meghan has been on to look her best on Saturday.  The diet she's been following is very strict, but I would be too if the ENTIRE WORLD was going to have their eyes upon me for my wedding.

All the best Harry and Meghan!  May the odds be ever in your favor!  (or something like that....)

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