According to, our beloved 603 comes in at the bottom third of the WORST food in the country.  C'mon!  As a native of NH, I take particular offense to the state that has fed me well since the beginning of time.  According to this website, here's what they had to say about the 603:


Blink and you’ll miss this state’s sliver of coastline, but it does exist — a fact that has apparently led locals to adopt the lobster roll as their own. The problem is that Maine exists, and let’s be real, it’s a much better place to go if you want to spend $20 for some lobster on bread.  The same goes for maple syrup. It’s not that New Hampshire makes bad syrup, but that Vermont does it so much better.  New Hampshire needs to get more of its own thing going. Until then, it just can’t measure up to its New England neighbors.

Our other New England states ranked as follows:

33. Rhode Island:  18 of 50
28. Vermont:  23 of 50
20. Massachusetts:  31 of 50
16. Connecticut:  35 of 50
10. Maine:  41 of 50
Who was number one on their list for the best food in the Country?
1. California:  50 of 50
Must be all those fresh avocados.

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