The history of phone numbers is less complicated in most of New England than many areas (like NYC for example) as NH has but one area code, but it's fascinating nonetheless.

Prior to the present day area code + 7 digit number there was the "telephone exchange name" system of the 1940s-60s. And there's more than you ever needed to know on that here.

NH earned it's "603" as part of the original regional numbering plan by Bell in 1947 and is expected to remain a one area code state thru the 2030s, according to the Concord Monitor.

Now, with the handy dandy smart phone, touch dialing (or maybe your trusty desk Rolodex?) we really don't need to remember phone numbers quite the way we once did.

However there always seems to be a couple numbers we'll never forget.

I cannot tell you my fiancee's cell phone number, but I remember BOTH of my grandparents' houses seven digits and sadly haven't been able to call them in some years now.

I remember the request line to a few radio stations I've worked at as I'd give it out so often as part of my DJ jobs.

How about you? What are the phone numbers you'll never forget? Brownie points if you can remember far back in time enough to those exchange name calls like say GRANIT-45873.

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