There is some discussion about the IOKA theater's marquee after the new owners submitted plans, according to a report from Seacoast Online.

The new owners say that the iconic signage needs a lot of repair and they just don't see it being part of the remodel.  They are looking at other options for the sign and definitely don't want to see the sign just end up thrown away.

From all reports, the building is going to be gorgeous when it's done.  The new owners are proposing a speakeasy restaurant in the basement and retail space on the street level with apartments or condos above it all.

There are arguments being made that many people who live in the apartments or condos might really like having the urban feel of neon just outside of their window.  There are others who say that just isn't feasible with the amount of repair that the sign needs.  There is, according to the report, very little original neon.



The IOKA has been around since 1915, the history video says.  The Birth of a Nation was the first movie ever shown in that theater.  Yes..... that awful film of 1915.  The video also mentions that the name "IOKA" means "Indian Playground," not the common myth that it means "I OWE KELLY ALL."  At one point the theater went through bankruptcy and it was assumed that the theater owed it's investors.

To the new owners:  My two cents?  Keep the marquee.  Do whatever you need to repair the sign and bring it back to the beautiful neon that it once was.  If you are investing in the community like you say you are, restore that beautiful sign.  The people of Exeter will love you for it.

Also, you have to check this out.  I love the old-timey announcer voice:

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10. Chutes and Ladders

One of two games on the list designed for young children. It's simple to play. Be the first to get to the top and hope you don't go down the chute.

Chess Armory

9. Chess

You can't get any more sophisticated with your board games than chess. It's also the oldest game on the list dating back 1500 years!


8. Candy Land

You guys sure love your kids games. Candy Land debuted in 1949 and in recent years, Hasbro has put out several different versions of the game. The Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory version is a perfect fit.


7. Scrabble

Scrabble is often played in large tournaments with people who I believe have memorized the dictionary. At home or in tournaments, there's nothing worse than looking at a Q in your rack and no U in sight on the board.

Winning Moves Games

6. Parcheesi

Parcheesi is the American version of the Indian board game Pachisi. There's a good deal of strategy in the game despite its relative simplicity. I have to admit, I was surprised to see Parcheesi show up so high on the list. We've got some die hard Parcheesi players out there.


5. Risk

Invented in France in 1957, Risk is "a game of global domination." If you ever wanted to take over the world, Risk is your best chance. Just be prepared. It could take hours.


4. Life

The Game of Life was created by Milton Bradley in 1860, the man whose company made some of the best board games in history. Fun fact: Milton Bradley was born in Vienna, Maine. Why is this game so much fun? Maybe it's because you get to drive your car around the three dimensional roadways on the board and spin the wheel instead of rolling dice.


3. Sorry

Sorry! is similar to Parcheesi because it was based of the same Indian game. Sorry! ditches the dice in favor of numbered cards and of course the Sorry! card that lets you send your opponent's pawns back to start while of course saying "Sorry!" Maybe they should make a more accurately titled version called "Sorry Not Sorry."


2. Clue

Was it Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the knife? Clue is a fantastic game of deduction that makes you feel like you're Sherlock Holmes. The modern version killed off Mrs. White for good and replaced her with a suspect named Dr. Orchid. The game even spawned a movie starring Tim Curry that when released in theaters had three different endings. If you wanted to see them all, you had to keep going to watch it at the theater. It's become a cult classic today and I highly recommend watching it.


1. Monopoly

Well this is really no surprise is it? The most popular board game you chose is Monopoly which is also one of, if not THE longest game in the bunch. Hasbro has put out so many variations of the original game that was published in 1935, that it's sometimes hard to find the original version. If you plan to play Monopoly, set aside the day and make sure you pick the battleship. It is and will always be the coolest token. Fight me on it if you want. -- by Jeff Parsons, "Top Ten Favorite Classic Board Games Chosen by My Facebook Friends"


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