Researchers have figured out the most 'distinctive' causes of death for each state. So what is New Hampshire's? 

According to the research, the most distinctive cause of death in New Hampshire is "other nutritional deficiencies." That means you should be drinking your OJ every morning, and taking your fish oil before bed.

To determine each state's cause of death, researchers calculated the rate of each cause of death for each state, and divided by the rate of death from that cause across the United States. So if a state had a higher rate of death from a certain cause than the entire country it means it would be the most likely cause of death for that state!

Still with me?

States like Connecticut and New York shared "inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs" as their distinctive cause. Don't ask me what that is.

Maine's is "influenza", or simply, the flu.

The winner (can we even say that?) of the study was Tennessee, and Alabama. Residents in those states are more likely to die from "accidental discharge of firearms."