What is the worst, or scariest, animal encounter you've ever had?

It's well documented that my fear of snakes is out of this world. I have to look away from the television or computer if there's a chance of a snake making a cameo. Animal Planet? No thanks. Discovery Channel? Never.

Back when I was mowing lawns to get me through college I once walked off the job because I saw a snake in someone's lawn. IT WAS GOING TO EAT ME! I don't care how small, they're pure evil and will find a way to harm me.

Just the other day I was in a pet store looking for some toys for my dog and an employee was handling a snake as she asked me if she could help with anything. Yeah, you can get the hell away from me!

The scariest encounter I ever had with a snake was at Pawtuckaway State Park in the summer of 2003. It was a beautiful summer day and my family was celebrating a reunion, or birthday of some sort.

I decided to walk around and take in nature and all of its splendor when I spotted something in the distance. It wasn't moving but looked out of place with the rest of its surroundings. I took a few steps towards it because my stupidity got the best of me.

Finally it moved and darted at me. I screamed, ran backwards into a tree. From the tree I went into a 360 face first into a downhill dirt path skinning my face and knees. I was able to quickly get to my feet and ran back to the party.

Somewhere that snake is telling his evil snake buddies about the time he scared the crap out of someone. Also, he's definitely telling his snake buddies that he'll eat me next time.

What's the scariest encounter you've ever had with an animal?