In Bedford, a Moose was stuck in a pool, according to a story from WMUR.  Officials said the moose are looking for mates right now and they are wandering about long distances to find a female and this one found its way in to a pool.

The NH Fish and Game had to place a set of wooden steps in the pool and slowly coaxed the moose toward the stairs.  The video in the story shows that it never used the stairs.  It just hopped up on the edge of the pool and walked in to the woods.

Geez.  It even happens in nature.  Male wildlife will go looooooong distances to find a female. Bedford isn't known for having moose, so I'm assuming that the moose isn't from the Bedford/Manchester/Goffstown area.

It makes you forgive, in a way, the stupid things we do in the pursuit of love.  We just can't help ourselves.




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