Today is Administrative Professionals Day.  It used to be called, "Secretary's Day," but now, we can't say that.  I never thought when I WAS a secretary that was a sexist term, but whatevs, I'll go with Admin Day.

I used to be a secre....... an administrative professional..... and I only wanted one thing - a day off.  I don't like this day for many reasons.  For me, it put un-do pressure on my boss who was lovely to me every day that I worked for him.  I already knew I was doing a great job before this day came along.  But that's not the biggest reason why I don't like this day.

I'm all about equality.  This holiday started as Secretary's day who were primarily women, back in the day.  If we have this holiday, we should have a holiday for all professions, don't you think?  When is National Construction Worker Day?  Or, Plumber day?  THAT's true equality in my mind.

If you ARE planning on taking your administrative professional out for lunch, might I suggest one of my favorite places in Portsmouth:  Martingale Wharf.  It's a lovely view.

Enjoy your salad with grilled chicken.


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