Portland? Nope.

A 3,900-acre plot of land in the tiny Aroostook County town of Crystal is the biggest and most expensive piece of land for sale in Maine. The price tag is $3.4 million.


Bangor Daily News says that the land on Belvedere Road has brooks, ponds, and streams. Plus, you can see Katahdin, and it's only an hour and a half away. Bangor is only 90 minutes away, too, and it's close to Route 95. This tiny farming and logging town has under 250 people, and this land is worth millions. Sheldon Anderson of Realty of Maine told the Bangor Daily News,

It’s a wildlife haven.

A father and son own the land and have been buying up land for the past 30 years. They were doing some timbering, but are all done. But it still can be harvested. This property has 25 miles of roads and gated entrances. You could build a home on it with electricity. But maintaining 3900 acres isn't cheap. The property taxes were over $14,000 a couple years ago. That's just the tax!

They've got a handful of offers and some that came in too low. It's an amazing amount of land for a ton of money. You would have to buy it as an investment, and it's way beyond my comprehension of what to do with so much land. I worry that someone would buy it and slap some kind of commercial business on it. I'm hoping that someone rich buys it to preserve it and keep the wildlife haven untouched.

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