Up until late July, I was still getting weather updates through his twitter feed, but since then I haven't been able to locate NH's favorite TV meteorologist.

Mid adult woman presenting the weather forecast on tv
George Doyle

He was a fixture on WNDS Channel 50 for years with his signature phrases "GOOD EVENING EVERYONE!" and "HIGH PRESSURE!" both delivered in a high pitched and high energy style.

His entertainment value was only surpassed by his accuracy which is the greatest compliment one can give to a New England meteorologist.

Generally speaking, while other channels would 'fearcast' potential blizzard snow totals, 'The Weather with Al" almost always hit the mark with not only the totals but also give the accurate time when each storm would peak in intensity.

He has over 1000 followers on Twitter and I was thrilled a few years ago to discover that he is following me as well. Despite us both being broadcasters in this relatively small state, I've never met him.

This interview from 'Around Town With Larry Seaman' was published a little less than four years ago.

Is he still broadcasting somewhere?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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