According to one magazine, it's in the lakes region.

Goody Good Donuts Facebook page

Food and Wine magazine recently asked their readers to submit what they consider to be the best doughnut shops in each state.

As far as the Granite State is concerned, Goody Good Donuts in Laconia took the prize. This shop often is open in the wee small hours of the morning, and closes when they run out of product, often before noon.

As you might imagine, the honey dip is a popular choice, as is chocolate glazed and the jelly-and-cream filled doughnut.

There is no seating at Goody Good Donuts, so it's in and out. It keeps the customers moving.

Portland’s The Holy Donut took the honors thanks to the Maine readers. Apparently their most popular menu item is the “Maine potato donuts” with a texture that’s crisp on the outside and has a batter that includes fresh mashed potatoes.

So, if you're looking for a road trip this fall, here are a couple of early morning destinations for you.