On Saturday, following a wonderful outdoor workout at Prescott Park, I decided to walk around the city I live in: Portsmouth, NH.

I saw the usual things you would see in Portsmouth on the weekend: tourists, shoppers, live music, tons of doggos, and happy people filling the historic market square.

I also spotted a familiar face - Waldo.

Logan Sherwood, Town Square Media
Logan Sherwood, Town Square Media

This sign was placed on the sidewalk, right outside of G Willikers! Books and Toys on Market Street. It alluded to a real life "Where's Waldo" scavenger hunt.

So, I headed into G Willikers! to find Waldo, and the details about this scavenger hunt. What I found was much greater.

First off, I did find Waldo - check him out here.

Logan Sherwood, Town Square Media
Logan Sherwood, Town Square Media

I also found out about this month-long scavenger hunt.

From July 1-31, the scavenger hunt to find 25 Waldos in and around local stores in Portsmouth is on.

The scavenger hunt will have "headquarters" in G Willikers.

"Stop in to this local landmark (G Willikers) at 13 Market Street and pick up your official WALDO PASSPORT and then roam the streets of Portsmouth and look for Waldo in 25 different shops," according to the Portsmouth events page. "Fill up your Passport and you’ll be entered into a raffle that features great local merchandise from each of the 25 participating businesses."

The Waldo's will be hidden inside stores on shelves, pictures, or even hanging from the ceiling like this.

Logan Sherwood, Town Square Media
Logan Sherwood, Town Square Media

This is a really fun and easy way to spend afternoons, a weekend, or even a summer day. This is great for families, couples, groups of friends, or a solo venture.

I can guarantee that I will begin my Waldo search starting July 1. Whether you are from Portsmouth, the area, or plan on making a trip to the Seacoast this summer, this is a free and fun way to support local businesses while having fun simultaneously.

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