Interns are the best. Always sporting smiles and positive attitudes. Treating their endless hours of unpaid "experience" like we're doing them a favor. Just once I would like one of the Shark interns to faint. 

Sure, the interns we have come with the positive attitude and the ear-to-ear smiles, but we're missing that nervousness. They're too confident. Half the time I'm thinking these interns will have my job in a couple of weeks.

If we had an intern faint it would at least make me think my job was as important as working at the White House.

I remember being nervous for my first internship. I got hooked up with a sweet gig at a local radio station and they threw me on the air almost immediately. My palms were sweating, and my heart was racing. I must have done something right though, because they hired me on the spot and I was cleaning the station vehicle 20 minutes later. Success!

By the way did anyone make sure this White House intern didn't just fall asleep from pure boredom? After all, it was a White House press conference. Those things aren't exactly the Super Bowl.