Manchester's Police Chief changed his mind about letting the television show COPS film his Police Department and the city he represents.

At first Chief Willard thought the idea to bring COPS into Manchester was a good idea, and a great way to showcase how great his officers are and how proud he is of the community. What he did not consider was the backlash that came with that decision.

In the 29 years COPS has been on TV, the show has been less about the good the officers do, and more about sensationalizing the criminals and downright sketchiness of cities featured in the episodes.

After numerous complaints from the community, Chief Willard stopped filming and told COPS "no thanks." Here is his official statement from the Manchester Police Department's Facebook page. 

I think Chief Willard is making the right decision in listening to the community. I understand where he is coming from, and his heart is in the right place, but no Police Department I know that was featured in COPS ever got anything good out of it.