None of us have any idea WHAT is covering the Shark Van bumper. It's like if Jackson Pollock painted an 'Ode To Seagulls'. Whatever it is, it WON'T GO AWAY. Shark Intern Josh will try to eliminate it with an online household hack.

VINEGAR! (Retail Cost 89 Cents)

According to many internet sources, plain white vinegar does wonders when applied to any sticky stain.

Train Images

Josh is seen above pouring the 89 cents worth of acetic acid directly on the affected area. We are supposed to wait a few minutes before scrubbing away at it with a sponge. If this doesn't work, at least we'll have a pickled bumper!


The gross white mystery paint was gone after just a few seconds of scrubbing with a kitchen sponge. Exponentially better than the two runs through the car wash that we had tried previously.

For other great vinegar uses, check this video out below. I for one am a BELIEVER!