I spend a decent amount of time out on the lake in the summertime, and have never seen a food truck boat in all of my days. It is genius! Pure genius! Laurie Kempf took to the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page a few years back to share that she spotted this food truck boat at the sandbar on Winnisquam Lake. The water looks pretty shallow, so I guess you just trot over to it and order whatever floats your boat (man, I love a good boat pun)!

Laurie Kempf via U local New Hampshire Facebook
Laurie Kempf via U local New Hampshire Facebook

This photo just about broke the dang internet! It received over 2,000 likes and was shared over 500 times! I also loved that people were tagging their friends in the comments. I think it’s safe to say we will all have our eyes out for the Winni Lick food truck boat this summer. But will it be back?

According to their Facebook page, they sell snacks and hard ice cream! I saw in the review section that they have made house calls in the past. If you live or are renting a house on the lake this summer, that could be a very exciting option!

Follow Winni Lick on Facebook to see where and when you can catch them on the lake this Summer.

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