Early Saturday morning I awoke startled from a vivid dream in which I won a small fortune at Oxford Casino up in Oxford, Maine. In less than an hour I was on my way there to see if I could make this dream a reality.

Train Images
Train Images

If you consider turning a forty cent bet into $27.30 a small fortune (and I do) then I guess dreams do come true.

For those of you with a very restricted budget, I think Glitz is one of the best games at Oxford Casino.

With a wager of just forty cents, you can still trigger one of three different bonuses that can add up to hundreds of dollars!

The 'Bonus' that I won? It happened because the four squares to the left of the reel display lined up four large purple gemstones. This awards you five additional spins with these stones locked in place. Hitting a few 'WILD' squares in the three reels to the right can really rack up the cash.

You'll find this game just to the left of the largest bar at Oxford Casino, pretty much in the center of the whole casino.


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