Apparently he left to go see a Grateful Dead show and she hasn't seen him since.

Margaretta Evans who lives in South Carolina filed a report with the Myrtle Beach Police Department in connection with her son whom she has seen or heard from since June of 1995.

That was when Jason Callahan left "to follow the Grateful Dead".

'The missing man, Jason Patrick Callahan, would now be 38, Evans told police. She described him as “approximately 5’ 10” to 6’ 00” in height and approximately 160 pounds” with “wavy brown hair and brown eyes.”

While the police report does not indicate why Evans waited two decades to report her son missing, the notification appears connected to the recent media interst in the 1995 death of an unidentified man dubbed “Grateful Doe.”'- Smoking Gun

Perhaps Jason was a middle child. I know the feeling. Not the oldest, not the baby. Just always getting lost in the mix. I can totally see this scenario playing out in my family. I take off in '95 and it's not until twenty Christmas' later that my mom realizes I'm missing.


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