My two season winning streak is over. Last night, The Season 24 Mirrorball Trophy was awarded and I did NOT predict it correctly. I'm still shaken up a bit that I'm not perfect.

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And The Mirrorball Champion is : Rashad Jennings

Even though I selected the free agent NFL Running Back as the silver medalist this year, I'm very happy that he won.

While a terrific dancer, I honestly thought that the previous MB Champion NFL stars (Emmitt Smith, Donald Driver and Hines Ward) might prevent Mr. Jennings from winning it all. I'm glad I was wrong.

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2nd Place: David Ross

Leave it to a former Red Sox player to outperform my lowly expectations.

David Ross was clearly the least talented dancer of the remaining three, but the DWTS voters loved his personality and getting the most votes is the name of the game and as we baseball fans know, David Ross is a fierce competitor.

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3rd Place : Normani Kordei

My choice for winning Season 24, Fifth Harmony singer Normani Kordei, rolled her ankle late last week and never was the same.

How's that for making excuses?

Much like David Ross, I hate losing.

Blaming my failure on an unfortunate injury will protect my ego enough so that when Season 25 rolls around, The Shark's DWTS Predictor will boldly prognosticate eliminations and Champions with the heart of a lion!