Well, it's about time. Shake Shack, along with In-N-Out Burger, are the best on the planet when it comes to those fast-casual restaurant burgers and menu. This is my opinion, of course, and if you disagree, I'm sure these restaurants are at least in your top five for having the best burgers. If you haven't tried Shake Shack yet, you are in for quite the heavenly moment. There's a reason Shake Shack has a cult following and beyond, always making big headlines when it's time for another location to open.

I've loved Shake Shack since its very first one in New York City in 2001, when it was simply a hot dog cart started by a guy from St. Louis. But with hour-long lines almost daily, it eventually opened a restaurant three years later in NYC. The rest is history, and there are now hundreds of locations all over the world.

Shake Shack Facebook
Shake Shack Facebook

Massachusetts already has 13, Rhode Island has two, and Connecticut enjoys six, so it's about time that the northern part of New England gets in on the delicious action. Granted, this first location for New Hampshire is just over the Massachusetts line, but it still counts.

Get ready for lines that are worth it when, according to Fast Casual, this latest Shake Shack opens its doors on October 30 at Tuscan Village in Salem, New Hampshire. It will happen at 11 AM, to be exact. You can expect that industrial design with its environmentally-friendly approach. The menu is minimal, offering burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, grilled cheese, french fries, onion rings, frozen custard, shakes, concretes, soda, lemonade, beer, and wine.

I'll see you there at 11 on the dot!

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