For those that don't travel to Portland often, you may not have known that there is a small castle at the State Street entrance to Deering Oaks. That building is currently for lease and could be the home of your new business.

According to the Friends of Deering Oaks website, the small castle was built in 1894 by local architect Frederick Thompson and it only cost $900 to construct. "Only", however, is a relative term thanks to inflation. What cost just $900 in 1894 would cost almost $30,000 today.

Here's what it looked like on in postcard for sale by oldeschoolpostcards on ebay postmarked in 1909.

oldeschoolpostcards via ebay
oldeschoolpostcards via ebay

The castle still stands almost 130 years later, has just one room and has had a few renovations over the years, but pretty much remains the same as it was back in the 19th century. Here's a look on the inside.

It was originally built as a warming hut, but since then it has been used for several businesses to set up shop to sell everything from food and beverages to renting paddle boats. The most recent tenant was a spinoff of Tiqa restaurant on Commercial Street, opening up in the castle as Tiqa Cafe & Bakery. For whatever reason, they are no long tenants and the search is on for a new business to occupy the space.

If you'd like to open a business in this unique location, the City of Portland will begin accepting bids on March 1, but anyone interested must attend a pre-approval meeting at the castle to see the space available and review the requirements for occupying the space.

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