The weather across most of the country has been pretty crazy since last Friday. And I don't have to tell you, here in New England, it's been some of the coldest weather we've experienced all winter.

Last night, in particular, seemed to be exceptionally windy. But it was nothing compared to what was happening up on Mt. Washington. And according to the Mount Washington Observatory Facebook page, it's still going on.

They claim winds have sustained between 105-120 mph since midnight. And gusts peaked at 137 mph. And down on the Mount Washington Auto Road winds were recorded at over 100 mph.

At one point, they say the temperature dipped below -31. And with all that hurricane force wind, the wind chill hovered around 80 below zero.

I don't care how many layers you have on...that's too COLD! The good news is we may see a break in the action in the next day or two. It looks like the temperature could make it into the 40s. Which will feel downright balmy after the last few days.

Until then, stay warm.


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